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New Cadet Informaion

If you haven't enrolled as a cadet you'll want to check out Join Us for information on how to join. Until you have been enrolled you won't be able to participate in any field trips, exercises or weekend training.


Regular Parade Night Format:

Tuesday evenings during school months (September to June)

  1. 1830hrs (6:30PM): Cadets are expected to be at the LHQ (Local Head Quarters)

  2. 1845hrs (6:45PM): Opening Parade starts

  • 1905-1935hrs: Period 1 Instruction

  • 1940-2010hrs: Period 2 Instruction

  • 2025-2055hrs: Period 3 Instruction

  1. 2100hrs: Closing Parade starts

  2. 2130hrs: All cadets must be picked up by their parents


Until a new recruit has been issued their uniform both males and females should wear the following:

  • Dress pants or Clean Khaki trousers

  • Button Shirt,  Polo T shirts

  • Dress shoes or close to.

  • Tie is optional


If you do not have these items DO NOT BUY THEM as cadets will be issued their uniform parts shortly and this is just clothing to wear in the meantime. If you do not currently have these clothing items then pants, shirts, and shoes that are clean and do not have holes will do.


Recruits are being sized in the 2nd and 3rd week of training. The Supply Officer may need to order uniform parts in which may cause a delay in the uniform being issued. Only recruits that have their paper work completely filled out and enrolled can be issued a uniform.


Materials to Bring:

Regular Training
Regular training on Tuesday evenings will have classroom instruction and may have drill instruction. On a regular parade night new cadets (and returning cadets) should bring the following:

  • Pen/Pencil

  • Notebook/Binder

  • Pocket money for Canteen (Optional)


Other Training
Depending on what optional training is being offered cadets will need to ensure that they are properly dressed and equipped. Ensure you inquire about what to bring before each activity or check out the Kit List.


**If a cadet has any questions or concerns they can talk to a senior cadet or their level officer**

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