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11 RCACS Training

The cadets receive theory and practical training in a variety of subjects, some of which include citizenship, leadership, meteorology, navigation (air and ground), orienteering, principals of flight, flying, drill, effective speaking, sports, marksmanship, music, biathlon, aircrew survival, adventure training - just to name a few. The four primary areas of training are Weekly LHQ Training (Parade Nights), Regionally Directed Activities, Optional Training, and Summer Training. But of course, the central component of air cadets is Flying.

Optional Training occurs on specific days throughout the training year. This is where cadets learn their required and optional training. Optional Training events are an opportunity to practice the skills learned on the parade nights in a "hands on" manner, focusing their skills in preparation for competitions, mandatory training proficiency evaluations, and weekend exercises.  Optional training dates are generally open to all 11 RCACS Cadets.

There are summer training courses available through the cadet program. These courses expand on the annual training. The common cadet training is presented in tri service courses with cadets from all elements and from across the region, country, or world (depending on the course). Elemental training (i.e., air) is presented in an elemental setting. Cadets apply in November. Each Summer Course has a specific application. Only a limited amount of cadets are able to attend a Summer Training Center.

For Regionally Directed Activities, Cadets normally meet at locations in Lethbridge.  Cadets normally meet in civilian dress; however, some activities require the issued uniform. RDA Activities are an opportunity to practice the skills learned on the parade nights in a "hands on" manner, focusing their skills in and gaining experience from a large pool of instructors and fellow cadets from around the Local Area, Province, Region, or Nationally. Some RDA activities are competitions that are at the Zone, Provincial, or National level.

Cadets meet at our parade location on Tuesday Nights throughout the school year. Cadets normally meet in their issued uniforms. There is an opening parade followed by three periods of instruction, and a closing parade with announcements. The parade nights follow the Royal Canadian Air Cadet training schedule in a variety of subjects. These classes tend to be more theory based. Attendance and performance is used in the completion of the cadets mandatory training proficiency.

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