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Along with an new and updated web home, 11 Lethbridge RCACS is updating online communication through a web media context. Check out our squadron in the news or our latest pics taken during our activities and events. You can even check us out on our new Facebook page or connect to some suggested videos to guide you through the cadet experience. Re-visist this page on a frequent basis to stay updated with news, pics, and  more...

Social Media
In The News

We are in the news and we have news to share. Stay updated with what we are doing by visiting our wesite and reading/watching some community features of 11 Lethbridge RCACS. Our home page features internally produced news and events while some of our sub pages feature illustrtae how we are viewed by the community.

"Take a picture, it lasts longer," is what we aim to do here. We want to remember our most memoriable moments while sharing them with you. In our Gallery you have the opportunity to view pics of our local cadet program and be linked to the Regional  Cadet SmugMug page.

In our efforts to update our broader comminication and commuity engagement we are developing social media streams, starting with a Facebook page. Ensure that you revisit us soon to like us on our facebook page as soon as we get it up and running. Along with facebook we also hope to broaden our social media links. Stay posted!

We have posted videos featuring both our local cadet program and  the cadet program in general. Check out the  video page for more, such as news links, drill displays, flying and gliding, instructional videos, and more. If you have a video which you think we should share, featuring the cadet program, email us.

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