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Optional Training

Optional Training occurs on specific days throughout the training year. This is where cadets learn their required and optional training.



One of the aims of the cadet movement is to promote physical fitness.  Our squadron participates in various activities such as volleyball, basketball and biathlon.  If a cadet has a serious physical limitation, they should present a doctor's note to admin, otherwise all cadets are expected to participate.  Zone competitions occur every year between units and 11 squadron always participates.  Cadets do not need to 'try-out', however it is at the practices during block training when they can develop skills.  



Good marksmanship and knowledge of safety on the range is crucial in cadets.  Cadets learn about the safety and maintenance of the air rifle and develop physical and mental skills necessary to compete in zone, provincial and national competitions.  11 Squadron is very proud of its history of achievements in this field, including the national level, and encourages all cadets to join.  



The survival program boasts on its excellent teaching staff.  Cadets are trained in survival psycology, outdoor skills and navigation.  The cadets are required to attend the survival exercises where they are instructed, then put to the test in mock-survival situations.  Rain or 13 feet of snow, the survival program is always on, so dress for the weather!  


Drill/Flag Party

The Drill program allows cadets to develop confidence and respect as they must work as a team to perfect complex drill movements.  The compulsory and precision drill team competes yearly in the zone competition.  Teams are judged on uniforms and movements.  The 'best' of the 'best' are the Flag Party members.  These few cadets display the best drill and receive the honor of carrying our unit's and nation's flags.  Rifle drill is also practiced.


Ground School

Open to all cadets, ground school is offered from 1830 to 2030hrs on Wednesday evenings.  Cadets who wish to learn more about good airmanship, the science of flight and technology should attend.  Only cadets of a certain age may write the entrance exams for the gliding scholarship or the flying scholarship.  


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