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About 11 Lethbridge RCACS

Who are we?

We are a local air cadet unit established in 1941, one of the oldest in Canda, serving our youth and community for over 70 years. Our enrollment of cadets on an annual basis ranges from 50 to 70 cadets.  We aim to promote the mission and values of the national cadet program while delivering a program unique to Lethbridge and area. See more about who we are below and within the pages of this website.

The staff of 11 RCACS are from Lethbridge and area and provide adult leadership to the cadet program. The staff is comprised of members of the Canadian Forces Reserve Subcomponent Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service (COATS) composed mostly of officers of the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) Branch, supplemented, if necessary, by contracted Civilian Instructors, authorized adult volunteers, and, on occasion, officers and non-commissioned members of other CF branches.

At the Local level, the Air Cadet League comprises of a Squadron Sponsor and a Squadron Sponsoring Committee for each Air Cadet Squadron. The Squadron Sponsor is often a unit of an association or service club, or it may be a group of parents or others, from which human and other resources may be provided for the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC). the 11 RCACS sponsors comprise of a parents committee and the 702 wing RCAFA.

11 Lethbridge RCAS is dedicated to the mission, vision, and aim of the national cadet program (Cadets Canada), with a speific focus on the youth of Lethbridge and area. We are currently developing a unique mission for our local program, which is intended to support and supplement the national cadet programs mission and guidance.

11 Lethbridge RCACS was officialy formed on september 24, 1941, making it one of the oldest air cadet units in the country (marked by its numbered designation of 11, meaning 11th formed cadet unit). The Lethbridge cadet program has a deep and rich history with unique characteristics and customs.

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