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National Summer Camp Application Information

Cadets that have applied for national summer camps are required to complete the "National Summer Camp Board Selection" process.


National Summer Camps:

  • Air Cadet International Exchange

  • Power Pilots Scholarship

  • Glider Pilots Scholarship

  • Oshkosh Trip

  • Advanced Aviation Technology Course - Airport Operations

  • Advanced Aviation Technology Course - Aircraft Maintenance

  • Advanced Aerospace Course


Important Dates:

GPS & PPS Nominations - December 2013
GPS & PPS Exam Writing - January 2014
National Camp Applications (LHQ) - January 2014
National Camp Applications (Final Submission) - January 2014
National Camp Selection Boards - February 2014


Marking Forms for Selection Boards:

International Air Cadet Exchange
Glider/Power Scholarships (updated 2010)
Oshkosh Exchange


Important Information for Selection Boards:

Selection Board Preparation Brochure - by Regional Cadet Support Unit (Prairie)
Selection Board Questions - by Air Cadet League Alberta
Selection Board Questions and Answers - by 11 Lethbridge Royal Canadian Air Cadets


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